Queen B

Hi, I'm Brittnee Bish and yes, I give you full permission to start singing "It's Britney Bitch." I'm the face behind Bish Collective and my mission for Bish Collective stems from growing up in a domestic violence household. I was stripped of my self worth from a young age and found myself pregnant with my first child, Savannah at just 15 years old. I thought I wouldn't do anything with my life, it all just seemed to impossible. Little did I know, my life was only just beginning.

Here at Bish Collective I strive to show other women that they can do it. It is possible even after all the hurdles that have been thrown their way. To help woman like me regain their power and accept themselves from within instead of looking for external validation while creating a community for women to thrive with courage and confidence, unapologetically while providing a carefully curated collection of self care items you need to recharge and empowering tee's to give you the unstoppable bad bish energy you need to conquer the hard days.

Here at Bish Collective, I didn't want to just be another t-shirt business. I wanted to make change, real change and although we can't help everybody. Everyone can help someone and we help raise funds for charities but my biggest goal for Bish Collective in the future as we grow is to employee teens that have a hard home life and I can not only help them have their own money for things like sanitary items that are just not available to them sometimes but to give them hope, some guidance and teach them skills you don't learn in school but simply to just have a safe environment to come where their feelings are listened too and they feel heard and seen. 

If you're in need of assistance to help raise fund for a charity or someone in need please email us at bishcollective@hotmail.com 

Fierce Tidda Club:
$1,050 raised for Fierce Tidda Club to help erase period poverty in Australian Indigenous communities in collaboration with Yarli Creative. 

Bent But Not Breaking:
$360 raised for Bent But Not Breaking essential care packages to help the Melbourne community who struggling financially and mentally. 

Rize Up: $85 raised