‘Embrace your body’ affirmation cards

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The Embrace Your Body Collection is a collaboration between Leisa and Brittnee from Bish Collective.
Use this collection as your daily reminder that your body deserves to be loved, to embrace all that you are and all that your body does . Shuffle the deck and intuitively select a card, or choose one that resonates with you the most. Stick them on the mirror or in a card stand where you can see it regularly throughout the day.

Our hope is that this collection helps to inspire all females to learn to love and embrace their bodies, no matter the shape or size. We want you to feel confident in the skin that you are in and to help shift that negative mindset. We aspire to be positive role models for not only our own children, but the younger generations so that they too can learn these skills, and hopefully learn to love their bodies from an early age.

The Embrace Your Body Collection is printed in QLD, Australia on the highest quality 400gsm card stock, finished in a matte laminate allowing for prolonged use and have been created with rounded corners.
This collection comes with 20 cards and is packaged in our new soft touch velvet printed boxes. The back of the box shows examples of the cards and some product information.

Customer Reviews

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Beautiful affirmations everyone needs! ✨

These affirmations are designed beautifully! They are my favourite affirmations to read when I’m feeling body conscious! I adore them! Great gift idea for the special women in your life! The quality is beautiful! I love the colour palette and the images that match the affirmations! 💖

Louise Staltari @lulu_in_wonderland_

These daily reminders to be gentle on ourselves and to embrace ourselves as we are, are a highlight to my morning. So pretty as well, I'm so happy to have these that I can draw on when needed.
Absolutely love these💞

Shayla Harvey
It’s a religion at this point…

I pull one of these EVERY morning. My day does not feel right without it! Starting these really help me start my day with a positive and strong mindset!